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pointed a gun at them. police will be monitoring the situation and will assist council members if needed once it goes to city hall. now i was told that oakland city administrator will meet with council members and advise them on ways to prevent another shut down. the city council members would not provide us any details on. >> we have new rules but we're not enforcing them, that's why i think it got to the level that it got. >> reporter: now there's several private security guards walking around oakland city hall today. once again we're on our way. the march is on again. people are back out here gathering. we've seen 30 to 40 people out here getting ready to march to city hall. there's a group already at city hall taking part of a protest there. we will march with this group and if something breaks we will bring it to you. if not we will see you tonight
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at 6:00 for the meeting. until then, paul chambers, ktvu news. ktvu's rita williams with what appears to be a disturbing trend after five shootings in just days. >> reporter: oakland has seen spikes before but this one is dramatic. four killed in oakland in just nine hours, statistics to some, to others the loss of real people who were loved. >> we sort of left with this big blank spot up in our minds and hearts like gone. just gone. >> reporter: she's talking about 23-year-old robert dale. a neighbor she's known since he was a little boy. dale lost his own mother when he was three and now his two- year-old son will grow up without his dad. and sarah mellis now will race his dad alone. >> it hurts. it hurts me, it hurts my son.
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it hurts his family. >> reporter: police say dale was sitting in a car with another young man in front of his house on 72nd off international about 6:00 this morning. >> something transpired whether it's a confrontation, and that's when the suspect opened fire, and shooting and killing both of our victims. >> reporter: police have not arrested anyone for the double homicide here or the two killings last night. in two separate shootings starting at 9:00 p.m. less than 5 miles apart. gunmen opened fire on cars on mcarthur boulevard. police say they do not think any of the killings are related. >> they're taking mamas, daddies, babies: find other ways to get your anger out. >> reporter: today's violence according to police figures brings to 89 the number of homicides so far this year compared to 81 this time last year. there were 103 homicides in all
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of last year. >> it hurts, unless someone understanding what it feels like to lose a person they will never get it. >> reporter: now if this rate continues, the number this year is on track to far exceed last year's total. rita williams. now to the most recent killing in oakland. it happened here in just the past hours. police tell ktvu a man was found shot dead on his porch. from the angle of the bullets we're told that this could have been a drive by shooting. investigators are not releasing the man's name. police are also investigating the shooting last night that left a 14-year-old girl injured. she was grazed in the leg around 9:00 p.m. as she was riding in a car on international boulevard. police are telling us that the shooting is not related to one near by on mcarthur boulevard. oakland firefighters were busy today with a fire in the fruitvale neighborhood.
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it broke out around 12:30 in the 1500 block of fruitvale aver. - - fruitvale avenue. fortunately everyone got out. however one firefighter did suffer minor injuries at least two people were displaced. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. a sea gull struck lines which left people without power. two of the lines ended up falling and the sparks lit some shrubs on fire. the flames then spread to a near by home. the berkeley fire department says the fire was under control in about 45 minutes. besides the damage to the house, two customers also temporarily lost their power. now to some breaking news in hayward where a man was taken to the hospital after being shot. our news chopper two shows the scene on sunset boulevard. this area is just directly west
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of the very busy mission boulevard in hayward. details are still coming into our newsroom. but according to a daily report, the man appeared to have shot himself about an hour ago while being pursued by officers. police just confirmed to us that the gunshot wound was self- inflicts. the mercury news is reporting the man suffered life threatening injuries. at this point you can see it's a very active scene and several streets have been blocked off in that area as investigators search the scene. as soon as we get more information on this shooting we will bring it here to you. concern is growing for a san jose man who's been missing now for two weeks. eric garcia was last seen at party in downtown san jose. he reportedly left on his harley davisson motorcycle after telling his friends he would be back and he never returned. he is suffering from congestic
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heart failure and doesn't have his medication with him. his family is concerned. >> we're hoping someone can hear something, maybe he took a different rout. maybe he got into an accident. it doesn't matter what it is we just want to bring him home. >> reporter: garcia's 5'10" tall, he weighs 350 pounds. he has short brown hair, a goatee and a tattoo of a harley davidson symbol on the back of his head. anyone with information is asked to call police. search crews identified the victim who's boat capsized. carl sangh fell out of his boat after it capsized. his body was found yesterday. a second fisherman,tsang the still miss -- is still missing. two other fishermen were wearing life jackets and both of them made it back safely. in albany this has been a
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tough week following the arrest and then a suicide of a teacher there. john sasaki tells us how all of that emotion came to head today at albany middle school. >> classes let out early because of the heart ship the community is enduring today. >> i had him as a teacher he was a really great teacher and i really miss him. >> tears flowed freely for isumisaki a teacher who apparently committed suicide yesterday just days after being arrested for committing a lewd act on a minor. >> i just feel really bad for all of his family and friends and all the teachers here that they loved him. he was a great guy. >> reporter: there was an outpouring of support and some in the school community told me they doubt the allegations that he had an inappropriate relationship. parents say they are taking care to deal with that issue. >> there's two family suffering with very difficult situations. one suffering with a loss the other suffering with the allegation of their child being
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touched inappropriately. >> wáe -- we don't have all the information and that's what we tell them. you shouldn't judge things until you have the information. >> despite all that unknown information, teachers and staff wore black arm bands, students made origami cranes and left notes. many high school students also came back to pay their respects. >> it wasn't like a teacher- student level. we were just friends and we got along. everything said, we like listened more because we had more respect for him. >> the superintendent said staff was focused today not on school work but on helping the school body come to grips with this loss. john sasaki. a man accused of snatching a 9-year-old girl from the bathroom at park side elementary school is now facing additional charges for another incident that hatched months ago. bradley morosik is now accused of taking pictures of a group of 9-year-old girls from
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underneath bathroom stalls back in march. the alleged incident happened at washington elementary school in daily city. he's already at san mateo county jail on felony kidnapping and child molestation charges related to the september incident in san mateo. u.s. postal police and the marin sheriff department are investigating the flurry of mail thefts. personal checks, credit cards and sensitive financial information may have been taken. the postal service says there's a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the mail thief. mail theft is a federal crime it's punishable with up to 10 years in prison. new details on the derailment of an amtrak train.
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investigators identified the driver of the big rig that the train crashed into. investigators say that they are looking to see if the truck malfunctioned or if medina was impaired. 40 people were hurt in all. the tracks reopened this morning. google subsidiary motorola has quietly dropped lawsuit claims against apple. motorola filed the claim. google and apple are in talks to resolve their long running dispute over smart phone patents. a federal judge today lifted a ban of samsung tablets. the jury there ordered samsung to pay apple more than $1
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million nor infringement. the heat wave sure continued here in the bay as temperatures approached record highs in some sports. bill martin joins us with the hot spots. >> its really is hot out there right now. these are the current temperatures you can see there. 101 in antioch. looks like you will see a record in antioch. boy it's just as hot as it was yesterday. in some places it's a little warmer. some places a little cooler. but here's the story. things aren't changing around. we're tracking fog that's offshore. you know that's going to change your forecast. i'm going to be here around 5:20 and i'm going to have the complete forecast for you tomorrow. >> thank you, bill. a christian legal group has filed a federal lawsuit. it prohibits license medical care professionals from practicing religious therapy they claim make gay and lesbian
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teens straight. governor brown signed the bill. the governor and the law supporters say the therapies cause psychological harm. syria's president visited the capital city to witness fighting going on today. the video was posted on anti asad's troops. they haven't been able to crush the rubbles there. there are also reports that assad has ordered 30,000 more troops into battle. it's a sight some didn't expect to see in oakland this time of year. the rush is on for a's play off tickets. the one factor that could still be holding some fans back. >> and a millionaire getting jobless benefits. an investigation uncovers just how many people fall into this category and what's being done to try and reverse it. w
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the oakland a's are headed to the postseason and thousands of fans want to make sure they are there to cheer them on in person. eric rasmussen live in oakland with the great length some long time fans are going to. >> reporter: i can tell you the a's bandwagon still has plenty of seats available. but take a look at the box office behind us here. we've been talking to die-hard and casual fans that have been lining up all day to buy tickets. everyone for the final play off game which starts in a few hours. when the a's celebrated a play off berth it led to another unusual sight at the team's box office. people waiting in line to get tickets. >> go a's. >> i'm here in the left field bleachers all the time. and so to come here and have to like go quick to get bleachers is a quality problem to have. >> when the giants are up, you go like this.
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when the a's are up, you have to wear it like this. >> reporter: greg oldberg made this half when the giants played the a's. he's hoping it happens again. >> a lot of people don't root for both teams, i don't know why. >> reporter: some would say a sell out here at the coliseum is not out of the question. >> box office has been swamped the last few days we've been very busy. >> reporter: while much has been made, over all attendance this season is up. >> if you can give me three tickets together. >> reporter: and sales of play off tickets are expected to pick up soon. >> with all the uncertainty, you know when are we playing, what time are you playing, who are you playing it does not surprise me that tickets are still available. but at some point when it's all clarified i hope tickets will go pretty quick. >> reporter: you know there are also questions about what the a's winning now does to their chances of staying in oakland in the long run.
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we're putting that together for 6:00. we're live here in oakland, eric rasmussen. a new effort by facebook to track the input of online advertising is raising some eyebrows. facebook said today it's working with an analytic firm to see how often companies buy products. but facebook says it does not share any identifying information with the analytic firm. it looked like the fire started in the garage of that three story home on el camino real. it broke out this morning. firefighters say the warmer than usual weather was a concern so they called out for extra crews. the cause of the fire is not yet known. san francisco firefighters
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make quick work of a warehouse fire in treasure island. it was reported just before 10:00 p.m. at an empty warehouse at fourth street. flames were contained to the inside of the building. the fire department says construction crews were in the building when the fire began. but what sparked the fire has not yet been determined. analysts are pointing to some new reports today that they say show a housing recovery that is sustainable. according to one report, u.s. home prices jumped 4.6% in august compared with a year ago. the largest year over year increase in more than four years. august was also the sixth month in a row that saw gains. experts say they are also seeing an increase in home sales and rising building confidence. auto sales are proving to be another bright spot. most auto makers are reporting an increase of 11% in sales last month compared to a year
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earlier. however, toyota and vw saw increases. the dow was down 33 points at 13,482. the nasdaq was up about seven points. while the sm -- s & p400 gained seven points. almost 1, 1,700 people with incomes of more than $1 million collected unemployment checks. some had up to a $10 million salary. >> it's the same reason why we don't say bill gates can't collect social security some day just because he's a rich person. he's paid into the program, and it's a program of universal application. >> reporter: the u.s. senate voted unanimously last year to cut unemployment benefits for anyone with at least $1 million
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in assets but the legislation stalled in the house of representives. and it is hot out there. 98degrees i think you said in oakland. >> it's hot out there. looks like mountain view you might break a record. a couple of things going on, we have the flags blowing in san francisco. san francisco and oakland how cool is that. we have two teams in the play offs. it's unreal. on top of that was good, these flags are blowing in the right direction. they're blowing from the west. sort of cooling is coming our way. they're blowing that's good. they weren't blowing that direction earlier today. here's what they're trying to blow in. see offshore, see the white that's the marine layer. the winds are going to press this toward the coast. i think it will be here by tomorrow afternoon. but right now it's going to remain clear tonight. a beautiful night out at the coast. temperatures out in san francisco's ocean beach this evening. well, 80 degrees right out at the beach which is very warm. it's been very hot. especially around the bay. places that usually see 80s and
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70s this time of year are doing 90s. san francisco downtown today. easily into the low 90s. a shallow marine layer for that. we didn't have high marine layer. probably high again in the afternoon hours because there's a real lid on the atmosphere. right now temperatures 99 in santa rosa, 92 in oakland, 90 in redwood city that is downright hot. what's good, there's no wind really. no offshore wind. no strong winds because this would be a red flag warning day. these numbers are huge and this is the time of year we're worried about. just like yesterday. almost a repeat of yesterday and that we're not seeing those strong winds. the fog tomorrow morning then tries to push in. you know i think it'll be there i'm not so sure it's going to be there. the model has it right along the coast. i think most likely by lunchtime or 2:00 you will feel the winds kick in. if you're in the avenues, you get the dry air and warm air.
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all of a sudden you smell the sea breeze. you can even see a rock out there by the cliff house when the winds shift. that's what's going to happen tomorrow morning when the wind shifts. so that will bring cooler weather. temperatures tomorrow at san francisco, they can drop 20 degrees from where they were today. i have specifics on your forecast. the five day forecast with your weekend in view. back here at 5:45. >> thank you, bill. fall out into the investigation has learned what happened to an official following alleged miss use of taxpayer money on lavish conferences. and the story of what happened to this little dog. how it got stuck for 11 miles in the grille of a car. >> and more information on this developing story. the crowd now inside city hall chambers.
5:23 pm
a couple's retirement announcement puts contra costa county homeless support in jeopardy. who's stepping up to fill in and the concerns about their replacement. also the local city that plans to outsource police work. the move that put a snag in this controversial plan. >> plus, temperatures are still hot around the bay area. but not for long. the updated weather time line for the area where you live. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00, complete bay area news coverage.
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an update now on a washington, d.c. bureau's investigation of wasteful spending. an assistant -- has now resigned following an internal investigation. the audit looks into two training conferences last year at posh resorts in orlando florida. the audit says more than
5:26 pm
$170,000 in taxpayer money was wasted that included $50,000 for a training video starring an actor who portrayed general george patton. the department of defense has now identified the remains of seven soldiers. one of them is from the bay area. sergeant james a.sisney and the six other marines were on board a pbj1 aircraft that failed to return from a training mission in 1944 over an island in the pacific. their remains will be buried thursday with full military honors at arlington national cemetery. the german parent company of team mobile is in talks to merge its u.s. division with georgia tech. the german company tried to get out of the market when it
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tried to sell wireless at&t. metro pcs and team mobile use incompatible systems. this female poodle mix was hit by a car in massachusetts. investigators say the driver slammed on the breaks but didn't see the dog and kept going. it wasn't until the car hit east providence rhode island that another driver noticed what had happened. >> she was kind of wedgeed in there with the license plate and the license plate cover. >> well the dog had minor injuries but you can tell she's in pretty good shape. investigators are know trying to find her owner. driving in san francisco, why city officials say you should change your plans if driving here is what you had intended. and concerns over a
5:28 pm
salmonella outbreak leads to a major recall. the item and the stores that sell it.
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leave your car at home. that's the advice from san francisco leaders in advance of what's expected to be a jam packed weekend in the city. it is a big weekend with more than 1 million people expected to pack events such as fleet week. a giants game and the 49ers game. sal castaneda live in the city where sal some people are saying it sounds a whole lot worse than it actually is. >> reporter: well you know, in no uncertain terms san francisco city officials are urging you not to drive. and they say there's just not enough room with all these major events planned this weekend. traffic is already thick in san francisco south of market area
5:31 pm
because of the oracle open world convention in masconi center. many say the roads won't be able to handle all that traffic. >> i think it'll be too many cars. as it is right now there's too many cars. >> reporter: there are several events bringing people to the city. 49ers and giants home games, fleet week, the castro street fair, two parades, and america's cup event and a three day bluegrass festival. more than 1 million people are expected. ed riskin head of san francisco's transportation agency is down playing reports this will put a strain on muni. >> that's not accurate. we have a great plan for not massive transit, but for all the regional transit providers. we've been working on this for a long time. we knew this weekend was coming. >> reporter: muni, b.a.r.t., caltrain and san francisco bay ferries have all added extra service to accommodate the events. and if you're walking, extra
5:32 pm
parking control officers will be around to monitor pedestrian safety at many major intersections. >> we're here in the city because it's vibrant. because they want to see things and do things it's part of life in the city. >> it will definitely be a day in the city. >> hopefully people will take the advise and take b.a.r.t. in or take bus in. >> reporter: is that what you're going to do? >> that's what i'm going to do because it's easier to get around. >> reporter: i've been following stories like this. what usually happens is people hear all these warnings and people make other plans. the last time this has happened there's been no major problems. city officials certainly hope that's the case this weekend. live in san francisco, sal castaneda, ktvu news. >> you can find more coverage of the big weekend in san francisco by going to our website when you're there, look for our fleet week coverage under hot topics. mountain view police are looking for five suspects in connection with a violent home
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invasion robbery. the victim was walking to his carport on the 700 block of silvan avenue just before 6:00 a.m. when he was confronted by five suspects one of whom was armed with a handgun. the man was punched in the face and forced back in his home where the wife was asleep. they were then forced to lie on the floor while the men ransacked the home. they ended up stealing a gun that was inside. chevron said it filed suit in superior court yesterday. earlier this year a county appeals board rejected chevron's appeal of the 2007- 2009 property tax bill and it ordered the company to pay $27 million more in taxes. a chevron spokesperson tells ktvu the company is currently in mediation over a tax assessment going back to 2004 and is hopeful for a fair settlement. a while fire in mendecino county has burned through five
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structures. it's called the flim fire. it started yesterday afternoon and has burned through 300 acres. firefighters say most of the land is commercial timber property. but about 20 structures are in potential danger. now we just checked for the latest information from calfire, the agency says this fire is 25% contained. investigators are still in the scene of a fire that destroyed three homes. the fire started about 5:00 last night near highway 116 and highway 101. near cotati. the fire left several people homeless including a couple that was supposed to get married this weekend. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused this fire. today the los angeles city council voted in favor of repealing a ban that was aimed at closing hundreds of pot dispensaries in the city. the move comes after advocates gathered enough signatures for the referendum. the so called gentleman would allow patients and care givers
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to grow medical marijuana. another salmonella recall this time salmon sold by kirkland. this contamination is so persuasive, john fowler has the story. >> reporter: a few days ago it was peanuts this time salmon. there's more salmonella recalls now than in recent years. the product is sold in the u.s. only under costco's kirkland brand. it sickened at least 100 people in the u.s. salmonela is risky for the very old and very young. >> they can get very sick and die. it's a very harmful infection. >> reporter: the cdc lists 13 different salmonella outbreaks just this year. >> that's why i'm at the
5:36 pm
farmers market to try and eat locally, eat fresh. >> everybody is concerned about their products and putting their name on it. >> it gets amplified and amplified to the point where lots of people can get very sick the smaller the farm the more limited the amount of contamination. many food factors are meticulous. >> these outbreaks support the fact they're not being sufficiently meticulous. >> reporter: reporting live, john fowler ktvu channel 2 news. a brand of ready to eat popcorn is being pulled off the
5:37 pm
shelves due to the -- listeria contamination. the listeria organism is most dangerous to older or younger people. arnold schwarzenegger said he still hopes for a reunion with his former wife. calling her the love of his life. >> we are just separated, and i hope the wounds will heal so we can get together again. >> reporter: shriver filed for divorce last year after learning that her husband fathered a child with their
5:38 pm
housekeeper 17 years ago. and lose seats on airplanes. airlines offer up explanations after multiple occurrences.
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there were some high drama at the vatican where pope benedict's former butler said
5:41 pm
he is guilty of stealing the pope's letters. he said he made those copies in plain view of others during daylight hours. the letters form the basis for a block buster book details corruption inside the vatican. the 46-year-old could face 40 years in prison if he's convicted. american airlines now says that improper installation caused seats to come lose on three separate flights. just this afternoon american said in each case clamps to attach three rows of seats were improperly installed. the airline denied the disgruntled workers could be behind this problem. students are now suing a
5:42 pm
university -- his whistle- blower lawsuit say it is way the university treated his has caused him distress and embarrassment. border patrols have found another creative way -- u.s. customs and border protection officers stopped a truck entering the port in san isidoro california on saturday morning. inside a tanker that was in the back of ey found 133 pounds of cocaine. federal agents say those drugs are worth an estimated $4.5 million in the street. the driver was a u.s. citizen and has now been arrested. are california state employees overpaid? what a report by a watchdog group says and the grade it gave our state. >> a number of records today. i'll let you know where those records were broken and when these winds are going to cool us off. we'll see you back here in a few minutes.
5:43 pm
a couple's retirement announcement puts contra costa county homeless support in jeopardy. who's stepping up to fill in and the concerns about their replacement. >> also the local city that plans to outsource police work. the move that put a snag in this controversial plan. >> plus, temperatures are still hot around the bay area. but not for long. the updated weather time line for the area where you live, tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00, complete bay area news coverage. dan hurd: when i was a child, california was a leader in education funding.
5:44 pm
erika derry: and the fact that california isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that. prop 38 is an opportunity of a generation.
5:45 pm
happening now a loud protest inside the oakland city council chambers we're looking here at council member larry reed and there's a group sitting in the audience here. they have marched from the da's office to city hall. it is a group protesting the fatal shooting. members of that same group essentially shutdown a city council meeting. the meeting itself hasn't started. our paul chambers is going to
5:46 pm
stay there. he will bring us any more developments coming up at 6:00. california is getting a failing grade for paying state employees more than they should earn. jackelyn fell brings us the disperty that earned our state the grade of an f. >> reporter: a video by citizens against government waste compared two hypothetical architects. >> bob works for a private company, jerry is a state government employee. bob drives a nice car. jerry's car is 40% nicer. >> the disparity makes no sense. >> reporter: the taxpayer watchdog says california state workers bank an average $43.10 an hour compared to $30.65 for the private-sector employee. that's because the totals include wages, benefits and pensions. >> these pensions are
5:47 pm
unaffordable an freezing out basic services. >> reporter: the watchdog group says if this trend continues, sources like police and fire will suffer as the government pays pensions, not everyone agreed. >> to make a statement like that ignores a lot of facts and unique circumstances that are at work in many states and cities. >> reporter: the retirement administrators says pension contributions make up fewer than 9% of a state's budget. the association says the report demonizes workers. california received an f. in washington, jaqqueline fell. president obama and republican nominee mitt romney are in their final hours of preparation for the first of three high stakes debates tomorrow. the president is getting ready in nevada while romney is prepping in colorado. the debate will be held at the
5:48 pm
university of denver and will focus on domestic policy. the audience will be told as usual not to respond to anything the candidates say but even without applause, observers say the pun at -- viewers will know the response. you can watch the presidential debate here on channel 2 tomorrow night. our coverage will begin at 6:00 p.m. it'll be followed thereafter by a special edition of ktvu channel 2 news. lawmakers returned to washington on the ryan republican budget and other proposals to end the medicare guarantee. congress is in recess to allow house and senate members time to campaign. but minority leaders nancy pelosi said campaigning should not be a priority. >> we're here to say to the
5:49 pm
speaker and to the republican majority, let's get back to work. call us back to work. we have important work to do. >> republicans scheduled the long recess in the house. but democrats recessed the senate for the same amount of time. a judge in pennsylvania today blocked the state's voter identification requirement from going into effect this november. democrats are claiming a victory saying the law would keep the elderly and minoritys from voting. now those without an i.d. will be able to vote by provisional ballot and don't have to provide documentation until six days after election day. the law could still go into full effect next year. two more dead birds have tested positive for west nile virus in sonoma county. lab tests showed they were recently infect with the virus. one bird was found in the sre sinty of irwin lane -- in the
5:50 pm
vicinity of irwin lane. >> let's go to our chief meteorologist bill martin. >> i have to come clean, i thought it was going to be a bit cooler but it wasn't. we expected cooling around the bay with a bit of a sea breeze. just a little bit of a sea breeze but it kicked in late. temperatures cool as a whole. the forecast for tomorrow will be cooler as well. checking out the winds, let's go over by alameda by the naval air station. west northwest at eight winds, gusting at nine. that's the on shore direction. look at these, these are today's highs. 103 in santa rosa. we had a record in kentfield, that's 99 degrees. san jose this is a big one 96 degrees, they tie a record in
5:51 pm
san jose. that's a big deal . it's so warm during the day but the nights are getting longer. overnight lows are in the mid- 50s. so you're noticing that then it warms up rapidly. san francisco tomorrow could drop as much as 15 or 20 degrees over what they saw today. this is all predicated on that on shore wind kicking in. it looks like it will. that's how we know it's going to be really warm. and the north gradient has weakened. i'll look at the pressure gradients as well. at 12:00 i'm going to have a really good handle. i think the cool down is for sure but let's come back at 10:00 what the heck. forecast highs, mid-80s at the bay so that's cooler. mid-90s inland. around the coast we're going to
5:52 pm
see 60s. today we will see 80 degrees that's out by the windmills at the park. that is very, very warm. looking at forecast highs they're still above the average but not as sweltering high as they were today. the last couple of days had my fingers crossed for no wind. we also the forecast models were pulling against the wind but just happy that we don't have wind because frank grew up here. i grew up here, gasia grew up here and boy, i know how nasty october can be when you get those winds. with this kind of heat and humidity. i say it over and over but this would be a different newscast if we had those winds. we don't have that, so it's good news. certainly you've heard that two heads are better than one. why two aspiring astronomers from the bay area are certainly hoping that's true tonight.
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the number of teenagers who drink and drive is on the decline. the number of teens decreased 54% between 1991 and 2011. that is according to findings based on data from a new study from the centers for disease control. two bay area brothers are in the national spotlight for their amateur astronomy project. they are among the finalists of presenting their ideas in a
5:56 pm
competition in washington, d.c. $50,000 is up for grabs. it encouraging middle schoolers to pursue science and engineering using only digital cameras and telescopes, they studied the brightens of stars and how it varies over times. >> one of the many types when an amateur astronomer can help the scientific community more than a professional can. - - >> they find out tonight if they win. complaints about a notorious foreclosure process are already dropping as the nation's landmark settlement is just about to go in effect. the deals between states and the largest lenders starts tomorrow. complaints about dual tracking dropped by 50% last month. that's when banks begin foreclosure proceedings at the same time as they're working on loan modifications. that practice is restricted under this new settlement. we are following development news in hayward coming up in two minutes the
5:57 pm
new detail we're uncovering about a serious shooting just moments after officers arrive. this couple dedicated they're lives to feeding the homes. but now they're ready to step aside and the question is, who's going to take over their job? mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up -- the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. we begin with new information about that developing story in hayward that we first told you about 5:00. we have now confirmed details of the shooting. police tell us that a man shot himself in the head as police tried to approach him. this all happened within the past two hours near the interception of montgomery and sunset. the man is now facing life threatening injuries. police say it all began when a resident called 911 after seeing a man behaving suspiciously in the bushes. police tried to make contact. that's when they heard a contact and found the man with a bullet wound to his head. also happening now, the gallery and balcony have been closed for tonight's

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